Your business success, ensures our business success. Your business success, is dependant on the quality of staff you have access to and our business is providing that access.

At Higher Recruitment we acknowledge that in today's increasingly challenging marketplace, the key to business achievement is the ability to attract and retain the highest calibre of talent for your company. Your quality of hire directly influences your organisations ability to deliver consistent results and ultimately ensure your business's ongoing success.

Your business depends on the excellence of its employees to improve and innovate. Current studies indicate that an organisation’s quality of hire can be directly related back to the recruitment process and the candidate’s experience. By ensuring the efficiency of our engagement with candidates and liaising with your managers to make them aware of market trends and expectation we can ensure you continue to bring on board the top performing individuals in the most effective timeframes.

At Higher, we welcome the opportunity to initiate open and direct channels of communication between our organisations, seek to educate ourselves in all aspects of your vision for your business’s future and subsequently align the implementation of our services to meet your needs. By effectively tailoring our engagement to suit your direction and requirements Higher can ensure we continue to meet and exceed your recruitment expectations.

To support our ability to deliver to your evolving needs we leverage a variety of approaches:

  • Access to Accurate, Efficient & Cutting Edge Systems & Tools
    • Our recruitment system provides our consultants with access to candidates with specialities which range from cutting edge development technologies to outstanding managerial skills. Our database is regularly updated to ensure candidate availability, skills and capabilities are both accurate and up to date to enable us to delivery you thoroughly screened candidates within the most efficient timeframes..
  • Pre-emptive identification of candidates to suit your needs
    • Through a thorough partnership with your organisation, Higher are able to understand the peaks and troughs of your business and the trends in your recruitment needs. By leveraging our education and knowledge in relation to your business we can develop and maintain talent pools to allow for efficiency in delivery of candidates with specific and difficult to source skill sets which are pivotal to the success of your business and ensure these resources are fully screened, educated in relation to your business and readily available for employment in advance of the identification of needs.
  • Effective candidate management, an extension of your reputation
    • A key differentiator in the way in which Higher is able to effectively deliver the best candidates to your business is our candidate management model. We believe that as a partner, our reputation is interlinked to your reputation and ensure we treat our candidates with the respect and contact levels aligned to your culture and business focus. We pride ourselves on clear professional communications across all aspects of our business

We pride ourselves on being highly competitive in our market, by ensuring our consummate professionalism in all aspects of our engagement and communication to candidates we can promote the quality and professionalism of your organisation, engaging as an extension of your business and delivering in keeping with your values. To differentiate your business as an “employer of choice” we would recommend:

    • Creation of candidate packs – to promote your vision, values and approach to candidates
    • Definition of “Employee Value Proposition” – by assisting you in better understanding the reasons candidates choose to join your organisation we can help you to refine and promote your unique “Employee Value Proposition” and ensure we position this in all our interactions with prospective candidates creating a consistent and “real” message to the market to indicate what it is really like to work in your business.


Save Time

You as a business owner, or manager, don't have the time to troll through the market qualifying every candidate that applies to a job advertisement that you put up on the internet or in print media. Nor do you have the time to pro-actively seek quality candidates within your niche' market that may not necessarily be applying to advertisements. This is what "Higher" knows and does best.

Some of the best candidates in the market don't apply for roles that have been advertised. The reason they don't, is merely the fact that they are quality candidates. They are the best performers, providing measurable value to their current organisations, they are being well paid and they are happy in their roles.

As a business owner and/or manager, do you want to only target people who apply to opportunities, or do you wish to also explore this hidden market of talent, that is contributing to your competitors success? Your business success, hinges on the quality of your staff and the effectiveness of your time.

Higher has the time to pro-actively seek and qualify these candidates for you. We can also provide honest feedback and suggestions that can assist your company in attracting the best person for the role.

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